Khuon Tat waterfall
Khuon Tat waterfall (16/08/2016)

The waterfall is also called Seven-storey waterfall, locating in Tin Keo hamlet, Phu Dinh commune, Dinh Hoa district, which is not far from other Tin Keo relic, Phong Tuong hill, Khuon Tat tent, Dinh Hoa ATK exhibition house, anniversary house of Ho Chi Minh President in Dinh Hoa ATK.

Duom temple - Duom mountain

Duom mointain, in the past called Diem mountain, which is 24 km in the Northern West away from the center of Thai Nguyen city. Dai Nam union book ranked Diem mountain as a landscape of Thai Nguyen land, described as follows “Diem mountain … flagstone in front of the mountain looks like a head-up dragon, the beneath is two flagstones like two flanking elephants. Mountain top and sides both have temples”.

Chua cave
Chua cave (16/08/2016)

Chua cave locates in limestone chain belonging to Van Lang commune, Dong Hy district, which is 35km in the North away from the center of Thai Nguyen city. The cave is big and deep, it is just only surveyed up to the depth of 700 m. Inside the cave, there are many strange and attractive formations of stalactite.

Linh Son cave
Linh Son cave (16/08/2016)

The cavern lies in Hot mountain, also called Hang Doi cavern, in Nui Hot hamlet, Linh Son commune, Dong Hy district, which is 4 km away in the North from the center of Thai Nguyen city, includingtwo big rocky caves: Sky and Earth cave.

Hang Pagoda
Hang Pagoda (16/08/2016)

Hang pagoda locates at the center of Chua Hang town, Dong Hy district, which is 2 km away from Thai Nguyen city in National Highway 1B.

Chicken beak stream
Chicken beak stream (16/08/2016)

At Phoenix mountain foot, it is a cool and limpid chicken beak stream flowing at the middle of the cave. The cave is quite big and deep, at the cave gate, it is falling water currents forming a waterfall among giant stone blocks leading to Phu Thuong field, bringing about a charming landscape.

Phoenix cave
Phoenix cave (16/08/2016)

Phoenix cave - chicken beak stream is a famous and national-ranked landscape, locating in the left side of National highway 1B Thai Nguyen - Lang Son (km 42), on the huge mountain of Phoenix chain, Phu Thuong commune, Vo Nhai district

Nam Rut waterfall
Nam Rut waterfall (16/08/2016)

Nam Rut waterfall - in Tay language, it means Rain ing waterfall. The waterfall is 35 km away from - center of Thai Nguyen city, on the way from La Hien (km 18 of National highway 1B) to Than Sa archeology relic area.

Ghenh Che lake
Ghenh Che lake (16/08/2016)

Ghenh Che lake, locating in Binh son commune, Song Cong town, with the area of 40 ha, surrounded by immense eucalyptus and forest of Manglietia conifera. Thanks to its beautiful landscape, fresh air and near Song Cong town (about 16 km) and Thai Nguyen city (18 km), Ghen Che lake attract tourists for travel and fishing

Vai Mieu lake
Vai Mieu lake (16/08/2016)

Vai Mieu lake locating in Tam Dao chain foot, with the area of water surface of 39,4 ha, belonging in Ky Phu commune, Dai tu district. Blue water, beautiful islands, neglected and mighty natural landscape, but not far from Van - Vo mountain national historic relic, Vai Mieu lake has its own plentiful of strengths for tourism development

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