Van – Vo mountains Relics

The National Historical Relic of Van – Vo mountains on the Tam Dao mountain range flat in Van Yen and Ky Phu communes that is 10km to the south of Dai Tu district capital and 30km to the west of Thai Nguyen city’s center.

Nguom rock
Nguom rock (17/08/2016)

Nguom rock arch has a vaulty shape with 60m in width, 30m in height and a surface floor of over 70m2. It’s located in Nguom mountain range near Nghinh Tuong river side and is 1km to the southwest of Phieng Tung.

Phieng Tung Cave
Phieng Tung Cave (17/08/2016)

Phieng Tung Cave (Tiger’s mouth) side of Meo mountain with height of over 50 m. We on the eastern must hang on a branch, liana and cliff to climb up. The cave is of about 7m high, 10m wide, 20m deep with 2 layers; the upper layer is narrow and without any archeological relics; in the lower layer, 659 stone items mainly the small abrade éclat used as pointed and cutting tools by archaeologists.

Gia temple
Gia temple (17/08/2016)

Gia temple worships Phu Dong Thien Vuong (God Giong) and Manh Dien Quoc Vuong – a local farmer in Thai Nguyen who followed God Giong to fight An invaders. The temple was constructed in the old days in an old land of Dong Cao commune, Pho Yen district. There are lots of ancient and shady. It has experienced several restoration and embellishments.

Luc Giap Temple
Luc Giap Temple (17/08/2016)

Luc Giap Temple or Vat Temple that is located on the left side of Cong River in the boundary of Dac Son commune, Pho Yen district that is 4km to the west of Pho Yen district capital and 35km to the south of Thai Nguyen city’s center. The temple worships local celebrities of Thai Nguyen province like: Duong Tu Minh – Luu Nhan Chu, chief of Phu Luong chief town in Ly dynasty – a famous general in Lam Son Uprising led by Le Loi, Do Can – a celebrity in Le Thanh Tong’s times.

Phuong Do Communal temple

This is one of the oldest communal temples left to day in Thai Nguyen. Phuong Do has a pen-name of Uc Tan communal temple. It is located in the terrain of “imperial space” on Cau River side in the middle of Phuong Do village, Xuan Phuong commune, Phu Binh district, that is 20km southeast of Thai Nguyen city’s center.

Ho Lenh Communal temple

The communal temple located in Ho Lenh village, Diem Thuy commune, Phu Binh district, 18km Southeast of Thai Nguyen city’s center was constructed in Le dynasty. It worships the Gods of Cao Son, Quy Minh, Tam Giang who are subordinate generals in Hung King and Prince Consort Duong Tu Minh – a leader of Phu Luong district in Ly dynasty.

Ha Pagoda
Ha Pagoda (16/08/2016)

Ha Pagoda with pen- name of Bad Ha Buddhist temple is in Nha Long commune; Phu Binh district. The Pagoda is located on a gently slopping hill with an area of more than 2.5 ha. There are various native ancient trees around the pagoda that create a beautiful and silent landscape. This is one of ancient pagodas that can keep its original architecture of Le dynasty.

Dan Pagoda
Dan Pagoda (16/08/2016)

Dan Pagoda is located in Chua hamlet, Thinh Dan ward, 5km to the west of Thai Nguyen city. The pagoda was constructed on a hill with a - architecture consisting of a forecourt and a dragon scale roof harem

Phu Lien Pagoda
Phu Lien Pagoda (16/08/2016)

​Phu Lien Pagoda, with pen-name of Phu Lien Buddhist temple or Phu Chan Thien pagoda (means pagoda supports truthfulness). The pagoda is located on a hill with lots of ancient trees in the boundary of Hoang Van Thu ward, right in Thai Nguyen city’s center. Despite of some embellishments, Phu Lien Pagoda can still keep its ancient architecture that includes Three Refuges, Mother’s temple, ancestor’s house of worship and ancient tower garden

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