Thai Nguyen Museum
Thai Nguyen Museum (18/08/2016)

Thai Nguyen Museum is located at No. 29B, Ben Tuong street in the Thai Nguyen City’s center. At present, the museum has 2 exhibition rooms: Cultural heritage of Than Sa and nature potential; Uncle Ho and Thai Nguyen. Numbers of items preserved and displayed at the museum are almost 30,000 items; of which, many with high values: Collections of Than Sa rock tools, Hego kettledrums type, and ancient coins.


Located on Quang Trung street, Tan Thinh ward, Thai Nguyen city, the Viet Bac - Military Zone I Museum exhibits almost 10,000 original items of land andpeople in Viet Bac; Viet Bac, a homeland of VietnamRevolution; Viet Bac – main revolutionary base – battlefield in the Resistance War against French colonialist; Viet Bac military zone in American Resistance War and Military Zone I in the course of construction and defending the nation. The outdoor exhibition area of the museum displays 28 original large items like airplane, missiles, radar and cannons … that are weapons used by heroic people of ethic groups in Viet Bac – Military Zone I to achieve excellent feat of arms in the national resistance war

Museum of Vietnamese ethnic group's culture

The museum is lo cated in the center of Thai Nguyen province on the poetic River side. It is considered to be a cultural works with large scale and beautiful architecture and it has been awarded the Ho Chi Minh Prize on culture and art in 1996. 3000 documents and original items on traditional culture of 54 ethic groups are exhibited and stored at the Museum. The Museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibition systems

Thai Nguyen Uprising relic complex 1917

On August 30 night and at dawn of 31, 1917, the uprising of Vietnamese soldiers in French army garrisoned in Thai Nguyen provincial capital led by comrade Doi Can and Luong Ngoc Quyen broke out. The uprising troops seized guardsman army camp, legation and prison … and declared independent Thai Nguyen, founded Restoration Army, named the nation Dai Hung and decided to make the flag with the yellow background and yellow five star, and determined to fight against the French colonialists to liberate the country.

ATK Dinh Hoa
ATK Dinh Hoa (17/08/2016)

During the War against the French colonialists (1946 – 1954), Dinh Hoa district together with other districts: Dai Tu, Phu Luong, (Thai Nguyen province), Son Duong, Yen Son, Chiem Hoa (Tuyen Quang province) Don market (Bac Can province) are selected the Safe Zones (ATK) by the Central Party – the national Resistance War capital.There are lots of names of mountains, forests, streams, mountain passes and villages attaching their names with Uncle Ho and leaders from central, government, front and armies’ days in the war zone and making it become a historical place names that eternally exist in the Vietnamese people’s souls. Dinh Hoa Historical Monument Safety Zone (ATK Dinh Hoa) (Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province) rank among the Special National Historical Monument by the Prime Minister on 10/05/2012.

Historical Monument of Commemorative Martyrs Young Volunteers

Historical Monument of commemorative Martyrs Young Volunteers is far 5 km from Thai Nguyen city to the south, beside temple Tuc Duyen on the right, and surounded by rice fields.

Tien Phong Commune relic complex

Together with Kha Son commune (Phu Binh district, Thai Nguyen province) and Hoang Van commune (Hiep Hoa district, Bac Giang province), Tien Phong commune (Pho Yen district) were selected to be the safe zone II by the Central and Northern Party Committee (ATKII). Here, in Mr. Ngo Hai Long’s house is the place where General Secretary Truong Chinh and other comrades: Hoang Quoc Viet, Nguyen Hai Luc, Nguyen Trong Tinh… stayed and worked for many times.

Kha Son Commune relic complex

Prior to August Revolution 1945, Kha Son are, Kha Son Thuong, Mai Son (presently Kha Son commune), Phu Binh district was the operation area of Central Party cadres and Northern party committee. General Secretary Truong Chinh and comrades Hoang Quoc Viet, Hoang Van Thai, Ha Thi Que, Nguyen Trong Tinh, Ngo The Son… once worked here.

Site For announcement of war invalids and martyr's day

In June 1947, President Ho Chi Minh petitioned the Gov ernment to select a day in the year for the “War Invalids. - In July 1947, the Committee for mobilization and organization of War Invalids’ Day was established. The Committee met in Dai Tu and agreed to select July 27 to be the National Day for War Invalids and Martyrs

Relic of foundation of Thai Nguyen fist communist party

In the late of 1936, in Lau Sau hamlet, La Bang com mune, Dai Tu district, Comrade dDang Tung – a - member of overseas Indochinese Communist Party in Long Chau (China) who was sent home for work had admitted the most four outstanding people from public in La Bang to Indochinese Communist Party. The first Communist Party cell was established. Foundation site of the first Communist Party cell is ranked the national level historical relic in 1999 and it is embellished to be a “red” address where education lessons of revolutionary tradition for the present youth are made.

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