In the morning of August 13th, 2016, the Mission of Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) headed by Comrade Truong Minh Tuan, member of the Party Central Committee, Minister of Information and Communications offered incense to President Ho Chi Minh at the ATK Dinh Hoa of Thai Nguyen Province.

(Minister Truong Minh Tuan gave a speech at Temple of Uncle Ho - ATK Dinh Hoa.)

Accompany with Delegation has some veteran revolutionary comrades of Information and Communications sector; representatives key leaders of some functional units of Ministry. To the Thai Nguyen Province have Mr. Nhu Van Tam, Member of Provincial Standing Committee, Permanent Vice-chairman of People’ Committee of Thai Nguyen Province; representatives of the Department of Information and Communications of Thai Nguyen Province; representatives of the Relics Management Board of ATK Dinh Hoa.

In the holy atmosphere at the Temple of Uncle Ho - ATK Dinh Hoa, Centre of Wind Capital of the North Vietnam War Zone in the past, the Mission of the MIC – represent for all officers, servants, employees and laborers of Information and Communication sector, "respectfully bows to hero's soul of great President Ho Chi Minh of the nation".

Speech by the Minister Truong Minh Tuan emphasized that, President Ho Chi Minh is the genius leader of our Party and people, the great teacher of Vietnam's revolution, national liberation hero, a World Cultural Celebrity. People who beaming our nation, our people and our mountains and rivers. Under the leadership of President Ho Chi Minh and the Communist Party of Vietnam, Vietnam’s revolution has overcome numerous difficulties and challenges, going from victory to others victory. It is the victory of the August Revolution and the establishment of the State of Vietnam Democratic Republic, the first State ownership by the people in the nation's history.

On August 28th, 1945, the Provisional Government of Vietnam Democratic Republic headed by President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed before fellow citizens and the world about the establishment of the new Government of Vietnam. Assisting to the interim government has 12 ministries, including the MIC; Ministry of Transport and Public Works predecessor of the MIC nowadays.

(Minister Truong Minh Tuan wrote his impression at Temple of Uncle Ho - ATK Dinh Hoa.)

The Minister said that the MIC held the mission to the Capital resistance war, not only to add patriotism, ethnic pride, but also to report to hero's soul of President Ho Chi Minh on achievements gained during 71 years of construction, development and maturation of the Information and Communications sector. Especially in the 30 years of implementing the Party's renewal policy, Information and Communications sector has made worthy contributions, effective and positive impact on the process of country’s industrialization and modernization. Information and Communications sector has gained significant achievements, comprehensive across all fields of journalism, publishing, postal, telecommunications and Information Technology. From the sector obsolete in technology, lack of infrastructure and limited in management or business; undergoing stages of development, nowadays the MIC industry has become an industry that: politically stable, economically strong; have synchronous and modernization infrastructure, catch up with the development trend of the world; high-speed development in terms of scale, revenue and market; have the large contribution ratio for state budget; was recognized by Party, State and People as one of the leading industry in the innovation and was important motivation to promote the economic and social development; ensuring defense and security of the country.

According to the minister, ATK Dinh Hoa is the unique resistance war capital of the world, associated with the holy resistance war of the nation that more than 69 years ago, Uncle Ho with the leaders of the Party, the Government has "Outlined the way every minute, every hour" to make resounding, meaningful and decisive victories in the cause of independence for the nation. With its historic mission, ATK Dinh Hoa is considered as the center of the resistance war capital with 128 points revolutionary historical sites marked a glorious period of the nation. “Dinh Hoa, Thai Nguyen is not only the cradle of revolutionary tradition, but also associated with the advent and development of the Postal sectors. The traditional values of the Postal sectors was created and nurtured by the sacrifice of thousands of martyrs, the loss of thousands of war invalids, sick soldiers, and the merits of previous generations. Uncle Ho had given immortal teachings on communication works of the revolution: "The touch is one of the most important works of the revolution, because it determines the unified command, the force distribution to ensure victory.”

On January 17th, 1946, in the “critical situation” of the early days to build and protect the nascent revolutionary government, President Ho Chi Minh still takes the time to visit the Bo Ho post office to motivate the civil servants devoted to serve the new regime. On January 05th, 1946, in the Directive "Urgent task now" for the resistance war and national construction, mentioning transport works, Uncle Ho wrote: "Be special attention to traffic because it is the lifeblood of the organization. Good traffic then easy working. Bad traffic then stalled working."

Minister emotionally said, "through the wars defend the country, the generation of postal employees were brought all their strength, their wisdom and even their blood to overcome all difficulties, lack and danger in the fierce war conditions, to build and maintain the lifeblood of information serving the revolutionary career of the Party and the nation, contributing effectively to the victory of the cause of national liberation, unity country. Nearly one thousand outstanding people of the postal service have fallen across the battlefield for independence, freedom and reunification of the Fatherland. At the Temple of Uncle Ho - ATK Dinh Hoa, Thai Nguyen, before the hero's soul of great President Ho Chi Minh, MIC willing to continue to do better, successfully completed the task that the Party and the State has entrusted, positive contribution to the development of social and economic, ensuring country’s defense and security; worthy of the heroic sacrifices of thousands of martyrs and nearly one thousand outstanding people of the postal service has fallen across the battlefield for independence, freedom and reunification of the Fatherland; the loss of thousands of war invalids, sick soldiers, and the merits of previous generations.”

With the “Gratitude” tradition of the industry, the MIC has always been a leader in the effort to build the community. Gratitude works, social activities, charity, poverty alleviation,... have been focused on implementing in parallel with the political tasks of each unit by the MIC for many years. The units of the MIC have organized the work of social policy very well and have participated in welfare, humanitarian, charity and gratitude activities, including the searching and collecting nearly 3,000 of the remains of martyrs to bury in the cemeteries of the MIC and hometown cemeteries.

(Minister Truong Minh Tuan is planting memorial trees at ATK Dinh Hoa relic zone.)

“The history of 71 years of MIC’s construction and development is the history of proud feats of his father generation who died for independence and freedom for the nation and prosperous life today. We are grateful, engraved feats and the sacrifice of his father generations of the MIC and always inheriting, living and working in the golden history of nation. Promoting the glorious tradition of the Postal service, Telecommunications and Information Technology with ten golden words "Loyalty, Bravery, Devotion, Creation, Gratitude", Vietnam’s Information and Communication industry inherits the past, continues the history, follows the footsteps of father generation, constantly evolving and growing, successful implementation of the action motto "Unity, Intelligence, Innovation, Integration and Development" in the period of country’s industrialization and modernization”, the Minister said./.



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