Some Administrative Procedures and investment project implementation process (24/11/2015)

  The procedures on deciding investment policy under the authority of the Provincial People’s Committee  Administrative procedures on approving investment policy follow One-stop
shop scheme. Procedures, dossier and process are as follows:
  1. Dossier applying for approval of investment policy: The dossier is formulated in 8 copies and submitted to the provincial One-stop shop office,
  + Document of investors applying for approval of investment policy;
  + Investment project or technical economic report or investment plan (comprising scale, objective, capital, expected location and implementation
progress and demand of land utilization);
  + Extracted copy of cadastral dossier or extracted copy of the approved drawing of the detailed planning;
  + Legal status of investor (business registration or decision on establishment);
  + Report on the financial capability of the investor (which is made by the
investor and for which the investor shall bear responsibility).

  2. Implementation procedures:
  Step 1: Investors submit dossier to the One-stop shop office and the staff receiving the dossier will hand over them with receipt and make report to the
chief of the permanent unit to receive the dossier.
  Step 2: The One-stop shop office sends invitation document and dossier to the provincial departments and People’s Committees in the expected
implementation location and other related agencies (less than 01 working day commencing from the date of receiving appropriate dossier).
  Step 3: The One-stop shop office organizes meeting with other agencies to receive their feedbacks on the investment policy and reports the result of
the meeting (less than 03 working days commencing from the date of sending invitation document).
  Step 4: If the investor is qualified and there is agreement on approving investment policy in the above-mentioned meeting or after receiving the
adjusted dossier in case that the investor must adjust dossier as prescribed, agencies shall send their ideas in document to the One-stop shop office (less
than 02 working days commencing from the meeting).
  Step 5: Based on the result of the meeting, the One-stop shop office generalizes and submit document and dossier to the One-stop office of the
Provincial People’s Committee for approval of investment policy (less than 01 working day commencing from the date of receiving all ideas from agencies).
  Step 6:   The Provincial People’s Committee issues document on approving investment policy to the One-stop shop office for transferring to investor (less
than 02 working days commencing from the date of receiving document from the One-stop shop office).


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