Investment invitation letter (18/11/2015)

Thai Nguyen is located in the North of Ha Noi capital, being the center of the highland and mountainous region in the North of Viet Nam, also the third largest raining center in the country and the regional health center with a system of quality disease examination and treatment facilities. Not only being well- known or its famous products such as tea and steel, the province is also famous for many wonderful sightseeing, big lakes, historical relics, architectures, festivals and other attractive tourism areas.
With an aim of attracting investment, Thai Nguyen province has paid much attention to complete the infrastructure, as a result, the transportation ystem has been improved, the new national highway No. 3 linking Ha Noi and Thai Nguyen has put into operation, it has helped shorten the time of ransporting from Ha Noi to Thai Nguyen and vice versa to more than 1 hour.
Thai Nguyen – Bac Kan Expressway has been commenced; Ho Chi Minh Road, Ring Road No.5 of Hanoi capital region has been approved by the Prime Minister. Thai Nguyen has railway, waterway, road and especially airway near Noi Bai International Airport. The water supplying system has been invested an be able to supply hygienic water to the local resident and to the industrial omplexes in the province as well. At present, Thai Nguyen has been improving the investment environment o attract domestic and foreign investors, large-scale economic groups, small and medium enterprises. It is believed to attract investors with real financial apacity as well as profession, especially those with attention paid to fields hat are being called for investment. Thai Nguyen will meet the requirements of investors as much as possible within its authority and in line with legal egulations, and the province will try best from issuing investment certificate, ite compensation and clearance to cooperating with investors during their process of employing, and ensures a stably safe environment to help investors eel safe when locating their projects in the province. Additionally, the province also partially supports the fee of advertisement on their companies’ potential, advantages and products on mass media with an aim of helping investors develop their stable production and be closely bound to the province.   With timely carrying out the active and creative planning methods, the province has achieved significant results in the field of economy, especially in attracting investment. Many projects have been implemented and made remarkable contribution to the socio-economic development of the province. By the end of 2014, the province has nearly 700 domestic projects with total registered capital of 14,9 billion USD and nearly 80 foreign projects at present with total registered capital of more than 7.1 billion USD. In period of 2013 - 2014, Thai Nguyen has become the leading province in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) attraction to Viet Nam; Thai Nguyen’s Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) jumped to 8/63 localities in 2014.
  Thai Nguyen is the province with great potentials for socio-economic development, some has been the living resources of people but some are still opportunities for investors. Thai Nguyen always welcomes, and is ready
to firmly cooperate with investors coming to this heroic province on its way of development.
Chairman of Thai Nguyen PPC

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