Dong Hy District (11/08/2016)

Dong Hy is a mountainous district northeastern of Thai Nguyen province. Its municipal district rests in Chua Hang town, 3km northeast from the center of Thai Nguyen city.

Dong Hy district borders Vo Nhai District and Bac Can district to the north; Thai Nguyen city and Phu Binh district to the south, Bac Giang Province to the east, Phu Luong district and Thai Nguyen city to the west

Natural boundary separating Dong Hy and Thai Nguyen city is Cau river which originates from Cao Ngan commune and meanders to the Thac Huong dam (Huong Thuong commune) in the north- south direction Hang Pagoda is one of the famous landscapes of Thai Nguyen province


Under governance of



People’s Committee Headquarter

  • Chua Hang town, Dong Hy district, Thai Nguyen province
  • Tel: 0280.3820129 - Fax: 0280.3820129
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3km northeast of the center of Thai Nguyen city





107,769 people (2009)

Population density

207 people/km2.(2009)

Communes and towns:

Towns: Chùa Hang, Trại Cau, Sông Cầu, and communes: Cây Thị, Hóa Thượng, Hóa Trung, Hòa Bình, Hợp Tiến, Huống Thượng, Khe Mo, Linh Sơn, Minh Lập, Nam Hòa, Quang Sơn, Tân Long, Tân Lợi, Văn Hán, Văn Lăng

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