Briefing of provincial Parties: Solving problems for grassroots level (14/10/2016)

In the afternoon of October  07th, Mr. Bui Xuan Hoa – Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee, Chairman of People's Committee, hosted the briefing conference of the provincial Party committee of the third quarter in 2016. Comrade Tran Quoc To - member of the Party Central Committee, provincial Party Secretary, Head of Provincial Parliament delegation, attended and directed the conference.

Speaking at the conference, representatives of the Party pointed out the difficulties and problems at the grassroots level. According to some reflections of the Party, the current development at grassroots Party members is having difficulty; the establishment of grassroots Party organizations in enterprises also facing with many difficulties; the assessment and distribution  of grassroots Party organizations at local is implemented slowly due to lack of provincial guidelines ... Also at the meeting, representatives of the Party also proposed some existing problems and obstacles in the locality such as the identification of three types of forest land in Dinh Hoa district; Land subsidence in Bun village; Perforation of Na Mac lake bottom causing productive dehydration produced due to mining in Phu Luong; Deterioration some classes at Phu Binh District; Dong Hy District proposed to identify early the cause of land subsidence lead to dehydration in the area of Trai Cau Town and Cay Thi Commune ...

Directed speaking at the conference, Mr. Tran Quoc To – member of the Party Central Committee, provincial Party Secretary, Head of Provincial Parliament delegation requested the provincial Party Committee some contents such as: Regarding the officials, he requested the provincial Party  Organization soon issued criteria for evaluating, planning officers as a basis for the under directly Party to implementation; Regarding the Propaganda and Education, he required to closely manage the spokesmans, especially management staff used social networking; Regarding the mass agitation, he requested to promote the role of the chief of the village, enhance the propaganda and mobilization masses; Regarding the internal affairs, he required the attention to reports crime denouncing, corruption prevention and settlement of letters of complaint especially the one that related to the work of the Party ...


Author: Manh Thang

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