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ATK Dinh Hoa        

      During the War against the French colonialists (1946 – 1954), Dinh Hoa district together with other districts: Dai Tu, Phu Luong, (Thai Nguyen province), Son Duong, Yen Son, Chiem Hoa (Tuyen Quang province) Don market (Bac Can province) are selected the Safe Zones (ATK) by the Central Party – the national Resistance War capital.There are lots of names of mountains, forests, streams, mountain passes and villages attaching their names with Uncle Ho and leaders from central, government, front and armies’ days in the war zone and making it become a historical place names that eternally exist in the Vietnamese people’s souls. Dinh Hoa Historical Monument Safety Zone (ATK Dinh Hoa) (Dinh Hoa district, Thai Nguyen province) rank among the Special National Historical Monument by the Prime Minister on 10/05/2012.


Khau Ty Hill

        Khau Tu Hill – where located the President Ho Chi Minh’s first working place in Dinh Hoa ATK in the boundary of Na Tra village, Diem Mac commune. Uncle Ho had worked in Khau Ty from May 20 to Mid of October 1947. Lots of important meetings between President Ho Chi Minh and General Secretary Truong Chinh, Commander-in-chief Vo Nguyen Giap and Viet Minh Chairman Hoang Quoc Viet… on discussion of national founding resistance war were held. In the tents of house on stilts hiding in the palm trees, bitter bamboo and ancient forests, Uncle Ho had completed the book “Correction of way of working” – a book considered to be a “pillow” book of war resistance cadres and composed the famous poem “CAanh khuya” (Sights at nights):
“…Tiếng suối trong như tiếng hát xa
Trăng lồng cổ thụ bóng lồng hoa
Cảnh khuya như vẻ người chưa ngủ
Chưa ngủ vì lo nỗi nước nhà”.

Na Mon Relic

     General Secretary Truong Chinh’s office in the middle of Na Mon hill once used to be a forest with lots of big is now a very beautiful plum gardent. The house on stilts is restored in line with the General Secretary’s house on stilts. It is quite large, well-aired and beautiful with two doors on the two gables; there are firewood oven, chairs and tables; two small rooms with two small beds. The General Secretary Truong Chinh once stayed and worked in Na
Mon in 1949 and 1952 – 1954.


“Phong Tuong” Hill

    ​Na Lom Hill or presently called “Phong Tuong” hill is 500m to the east of Tin Keo hill. On the right side, there

is a road for vehicles to travel from Phu Dinh commune’s center to De mountain pass. In Na Lom, President Ho Chi Minh wrote the Six teachings for Revolutionary Public Security (Behaviours by Revolutionary Public Security) that is now the Uncle Ho’s Six Teachings for Public Security. Also in here, on May 28, 1948, in the special session of the Government’s Council, President Ho Chi Minh presided the Ceremony of Awarding the Top-ranking General for Vietnam National Commander-in-chief Vo Nguyen Giap

Tin Keo Relic

     In Tay ethic group, TIn Keo means mountain pass foot. Tin Keo hill is right in the De mountain pass foot in Tin Keo village, Phu Dinh commune – center of Central Safe Zone (ATK). During the French Resistance War, Uncle Ho was made his general headquaters in Tin Keo hill for three times. First time from March 07, 1948 to April 05, 1948. Second time from May 25, 1948 to September 12, 1948. Third time: at the end of 1953. At the beginning of October, 1953, President Ho Chi Minh presided the Political Bureau Meeting to discuss the plan for winter - spring 1953 – 1954 campaign in Tin Keo. On December 6, 1954, Tin Keo witnessed an important event: The Political Bureau adopted the “Spring 1954 plan of campaign” by the Central Committee in the army and decided to begin Dien Bien Phu campaign. Tin Keo is the most important relic in the chain of historical revolutionary relics in Dinh Hoa ATK, a base of Viet Bac revolutionary base.

Dinh Hoa ATK Exhibition House
      Located right in Tin Keo base, Dinh Hoa ATK Exhibition House is constructed of cement, bricks and tile-roof; the structure imitates the house on stilts of Tay, Nung ethic groups in Viet Bac Area. The exhibition area is on the second floor including: In the solemn room: there is a statue of President sitting to work in the ATK forest and
mountain and introductions of land and people in Dinh Hoa; history of revolutionary struggle and fighting to
protect Dinh Hoa ATK; Activities by Uncle Ho and other leaders from Party, State,front, army and national agencies in Dinh Hoa ATK

Commemoration House of President Ho Chi Minh

Commemoration House of President Ho Chi Minh (local residents often call this Uncle Ho’s Temple) is located on the high hill of De mountain pass peak with its back leaning on historical Hong mountain range. From the four highest – ranking court officials up to three-step staircase with 115 steps (This commemoration house was inaugurated on his 115th birthday: 1890 – 2005). From three-step staircase to 79 step commemoration house (in memorization of Uncle’s Ho longevity – 79 years). His altar is as large, wide, impressive and beautiful as the words in the Horizontal lacquered board “Ho Chi Minh – an eternal bright shining sun”. Leaders from the Communist Party and State Government: General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong; former General Secretary Nong Duc Manh, former President Tran Duc Luong, Nguyen Minh Triet; present Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung … have come to burn incense in memorization of Uncle Ho and planted precious commemorative trees in the boundary of the commemoration house of the old beloved father of the nation. Every year,
tens of thousands of cadres and people nationwide as well as international tourists come to visit “the old Ho’s capital during the resistance war” and respectfully offer and burn scent incenses to his altar in his commemoration house in the middle of the windy peak of De mountain pass.

Bao Bien relic

       Between 1949 and 1953, office of High Command and Central Committee in the army – General Headquarters of Vietnam People’s Army commanded by General Vo Nguyen Giap was located on Don My hill in Bien Bao hamlet, Bao Linh commune that is 10km from Phu Dinh center. In this place, lots of combat schedules, plans as well as important decisions had been made to bring about great military victories making contribution to the complete victory of armies and people in the three Indochinese countries in the French colonialists.

Chu Market prison

      Chu Market Prison was constructed in 1916 by French. It was solidly constructed in 1942 on a high hill in Vuon Rau hamlet, Chu market township. This is place where communist soldiers were detained. On October 02, 1944, 12 communist soldiers had successfully broken the prison and carried out revolutionary activities in Nguyen Hue subdivision in Hoang Hoa Tham war zone.

Uncle Ho’s Tent in Khuon Tat 

​        A small and simple tent was pitched in halfway up Na Dinh hill in Khuon Tat Dao ethic group, Phu Dinh commune to the west of Khuon fall’s peak that is over 1km from Tin Keo hill. Uncle Ho had stayed here for many times: From November 20 to 28, 1947; from January 11, 1948 to March 7, 1948; from April 5 to May 1, 1948 and several times in 1953. The ancient banian tree with flat ground was the place where Uncle Ho and his guards often exercised martial arts, played volleyball; a clear stream with heaving carved stones is place where Uncle Ho had a cold bath on summer noons; and copsewood with immense ancient trees … have made a very beautiful Khuot Tat landscape.

Quang village relic
      There are three relics: Quang Village Temple (Dinh Bien Thuong communal temple), Than Mat ground, Na Nhau field. Here on May 15, 1945, on behalf of the Northern Military Committee, comrade Vo Nguyen Giap presided the Announcement Ceremony of merging Armed Propaganda Brigade for the Liberation of Vietnam, national salvation troops and armed forces nationwide into Vietnam
Liberation Army. Also in Dinh Bien commune, there are also 2 other important relics during French Resistance War within radius of 1-2 km: General Headquarters of General Staff in Dong Dau and General Political Bureau in Tham Thang

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