A brave and successful step (02/11/2015)

It is an honor and pride of not only the company, enterprises and businessmen in Thai Nguyen but also the whole province on the industrialization and modernization promotion process of Viet Nam. It is known that An Khanh Electricity Joint Stock Company was assigned to be the investor of An Khanh Electricity Plant 1 with the capacity of 120 MW and the total capital of VND 4,300 billion by the Prime Minister. The project was implemented in An Khanh commune, Dai Tu district. After over 4 years of efforts, in November 2014, the trial operations were commenced at the plant. In April 2015, the plant officially generated commercial electricity, joined in the national grid. Accordingly, the plant will produce and supply over 800 million kWh electricity annually, create stable and permanent jobs for 450 workers; pay for the budget hundreds of billions of VND. Simultaneously, the plant inaugurated and commissioned will also make practical contribution to the industrialization and ensuring energy security of the province and the whole country. Feeling excited to welcome the new meaningful project, Mr. Nguyen Van Thang, the Chairman of the Board of An Khanh Electricity Joint Stock Company said: "The completion of the project is thanks to the stuff, the determination to overcome difficulties and the solidarity of officers, employees in An Khanh Electricity Joint Stock Company. The project always gets the guidance and assistance of the Prime Minister, central ministries and agencies, provincial leaders, related branches and localities, especially the people in the project area. This is a work to celebrate the 19th Provincial Party Congress and the 12th National Party Congress.


The on time completion of the project, ensuring the technique and quality is thanks to the attention and support from the government and leaders at all levels. We will manage, operate and exploit the capacity of the plant in the most effective way, ensuring the requirements of engineering process, environment, industrial safety and hygiene and regulations of the State ... ".


Looking back at the process of project implementation, we can see the difficulties that the investor has fronted in the past years. The project was implemented in the very hardest time due to the global economic recession and the domestic economic slowdown. However, with the wisdom, internal resources, solidarity of workers and employees; the support, close guidance of the Prime Minister, Ministries and Central Agencies, the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, departments and local people; An Khanh Thermal Power Plant 1 has been completed and commissioned.


Up to now, this is the only thermal power plant with high capacity in Viet Nam invested by a private enterprise that was completed rightly on the expected schedule. The fact that a private business undertakes the construction of a thermal power plant can be seen as a very brave step but get a great success. With the efforts over the years, the company has repeatedly received the Emulation Flags of Excellence, Certificates of Merit awarded by the Prime Minister, Ministries, Central and Local Agencies for many achievements in investment, manufacturing, business as well as activities of sport, culture, charity and social security, etc. Especially, both the company and the Board Chairman Mr. Nguyen Van Thang were awarded the 3rd class Labor Medal by the President.


These prestigious awards are the recognition, great and practical encouragement for the leaders, officials and workers of An Khanh Electricity Joint Stock Company. It is known that right after An Khanh Thermal Power Plant 1 had been inaugurated, the company urgently prepared for commencing An Khanh Thermal Power Plant 2 in the second quarter of 2016 in Pho Yen town with the capacity of 300 Mw and the total capital of VND 10,000 billion. The company was assigned to be the investor of this project which was approved in electrical diagram plan 7 until 2030 by the Prime Minister.


Mr. Nguyen Van Thang talked about the project: "We commit to try our best to complete the project as scheduled with the best quality. We wish to continue receiving the assistance from the Prime Minister, ministries, central and local agencies and people to accomplish the assignment". With the effort and passion in manufacturing and trading, we believe that the whole officials and workers of An Khanh Thermal Power Joint Stock Company will keep solidary, dynamic and creative to make changes in Thai Nguyen – the land of revolutionary tradition.

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